Mexican Politician Shot Dead While Posing For Selfie With Fan

The former mayor and candidate for Mexico Congress was shot dead minutes after taking part in an election debate, while posing for a selfie with an admirer.


A candidate for Mexico Congress who vowed to defy crimes in the country was shot dead just moments after taking part in an election debate with his rival congressional candidates.

Disturbing video footage of the coldblooded murder showed Fernando Puron being shot behind his head in the city of Piedras Negras when a fan holding a selfie stick asked him to pose for a picture with her.

A man, whose face was not clear in the surveillance video, snuck up behind the 43-year-old politician and killed the former mayor ahead of the July 1 election. 

Puron died on his way to the hospital. He leaves behind a wife and a child.

Political violence has been on a rise in Mexico – a country plagued with drug cartels and violence.  According to a report by the consulting group Etellekt, Puron’s death was the 112th murder of a Mexican politician since September 2017.

At least 39 of the victims belonged to Puron’s Institutional Revolutionary Party. Puron was the first politician running at the federal level to be gunned down. 

"The Institutional Revolutionary Party condemns the attack suffered by our candidate Fernando Puron in the city of Piedras Negras," PRI stated.  "We demand some clarity from the authorities on what happened and an appropriate punishment for those responsible for his death."

Politicians from different parties who tried to curb drug cartels have been killed in the past and Puron is the latest on that deadly list. He reportedly received death threats while serving as the mayor of Piedras Negras from 2014 to 2017 for his efforts in fighting with the Zetas drug cartel.

On Friday, during the electoral debate, Puron had vowed to crack down on crimes in the country. “You take on delinquency head-on — you don’t fear it, you call it for what it is,” Puron had said. “Unfortunately, not all those in power do their job — some are even in cahoots with criminals.”

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