Fidel Castro Blasts Obama's Cuba Visit As 'Honey-Coated' Sweet Talk

Former leader Fidel Castro wrote a scathing opinion piece heavily criticizing President Barack Obama's speeches shortly following his historic visit to Cuba.

Retired leader Fidel Castro took aim at United States President Barack Obama shortly after he ended his visit to Cuba, saying Cuba doesn’t “need the empire to give us anything.”

During his recent visit to Cuba, Obama explained that he wanted to tear down the hostility that grew during the Cold War, adding that he wanted both nations to work together and look to the future “as friends and as neighbors and as family, together.”

However, in a scathing opinion piece published in all of the state-run media outlets, Castro denounced Obama’s efforts to unite the nations as “honey-coated” sweet-talk, adding "One assumes that every one of us ran the risk of a heart attack listening to these words.”

Reminding the Cuban people of the many attempts the U.S. (and other countries) have taken to overthrow or weaken their Communist government, Castro explained that Cuba produced enough food and material goods for their people, concluding, “We don’t need the empire to give us anything.”

That wasn’t all.

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Reuters also explains that Castro, “blasted Obama for not referring in his speech to the extermination of native peoples in both the United States and Cuba,” adding that he also did not recognize “Cuba's gains in health and education, and not coming clean on what he might know about how South Africa obtained nuclear weapons before apartheid ended, presumably with the aid of the U.S. government.”

"My modest suggestion is that he reflects [on the U.S. role in South Africa and Cuba's in Angola] and not now try to elaborate theories about Cuban politics," Castro said.

This historic visit from a U.S. president was the first one in over 88 years—for Castro to denounce his appearance is no shock, but it did elicit some eye-rolls on Twitter and in the general public. While his stance isn’t unwarranted—many countries, including the U.S., made assassination attempts on Castro, attempted to weaken the Communist hold over the Cuban people, and also attempted to overthrow the government on multiple occasions—none of these things have been present or apparent for any of Obama’s presidency.

In fact, Obama is the only president to take steps toward normalizing relations—not an easy feat, regardless of Castro’s scathing public opinion.

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