Overenthusiastic Mexican Fans At World Cup May Have Caused Earthquake

Mexican fans’ celebrations of Lozano’s decisive strike against defending champions Germany were so intense, they prompted a small but actual earthquake.


The FIFA World Cup 2018 has truly been the tournament of the under dogs so far. Never more so than when Team Mexico stunned defending champions Germany in the group stage match by defeating them with one goal to nil.

The goal by Hirving Lozano shocked the football world but probably nothing could match the intensity of excitement that rippled through the Mexican fans, whose celebration of the goal seemingly prompted an artificial earthquake in the nation’s capital city.

The reports of the artificial earthquake came as Mexico’s Institute of Geologic and Atmospheric Investigations (IIGEA), which tracks geological activity, recorded seismic movement in at least two censors during the match’s 35th minute, the exact moment the Lozano’s goal went pass German defense. IIGEA reported the activity was recorded likely due to fans jumping and cheering the goal in public squares and parks.

Seismologists in Chile also reported an artificial earthquake in Mexico City around the same time as Lozano’s goal, USA Today reported.

Germany walked into the match as clear favorites, only to receive a massive reality check. The match hero, Lozano, described the goal as “the best goal of my life.”

It had to be since it prompted a literal earthquake miles back home in Mexico City.

The earth-shaking celebrations continued as fans gathered around the capital city after the match as they held their own in front of the mighty Germany, that many have hailed favorites to win the tournament yet again.

Thumbnail/ Banner Credits: REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

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