Fifth Graders Gave Up Valentine's Day Party To Donate To Kids In Need

A fifth-grade class in Andover, Kansas, is encouraging kids across America to do something positive for others in need this year for Valentine's Day.

A fifth-grade class in Andover, Kansas, is attempting to spread a little kindness this Valentine’s Day, and they're encouraging others across the country to follow their lead.

Disheartened by acts of violence they see on the news and hear from others, children in teacher Shanda Seibel’s class at Prairie Creek Elementary School decided they would try to be the change in the world they wanted to see.

“[Our teacher] said we could always try to change by showing kindness, and it could be big or small,” student Justus Dockstadar explained. “So we began to develop the Kindness Project.”

The students in the classroom are asking their peers across the country to take part in their campaign.

“They can do something small like show kindness to others, or they can do something big like give up their Valentines and give it to someone else who needs it more,” the kids wrote in a statement.

To demonstrate, Seibel’s class decided to give up their traditional Valentine’s Day party, instead deciding to create 250 Valentine’s Day boxes for Wichita’s Littlest Heroes, a charity organization that helps children with life-threatening conditions.

The students and their teacher are encouraging anyone else around the globe inspired by their acts of kindness — and who may be spreading kindness themselves as a result — to use social media to document it, using the hashtag #TheRoadToKindness.

There are certainly a number of stories we read about daily that can cause some of us to have a cynical outlook on the world today. Yet this fifth-grade class has shown us all that cynicism is the last choice we should make — if we want to make the world a better and happier place, we have it in our own power to do so.

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