Airline Passenger Screamed, Spat Blood After He Was Refused Beer

The infuriated passenger hurled insults at the airline staff, and threatened to kill his seatmate before involving in a scuffle with him.

An American Airlines plane was recently home to miles-high brawl.

On May 23, a passenger on Flight 1293 from Saint Croix to Miami was outraged when his request for more beer was denied by a flight attendant. The male staffer had heard the passenger, identified as Jason Felix, make a commotion in the washroom and decided to not give him any more alcohol.

As Felix returned to his seat from the washroom, he called the flight attendant a “f***t”, hit the call button and asked for more beer. He continued to call the flight attendant a “f***t” and a “b****”. Another passenger, Bill Bolduc, pulled out his iPhone to document the impending fight. As Felix grew even more tensed, he began to shove his male seatmate’s legs out of the way so he could confront the flight attendant.

“[He was] hitting the chair, swearing, yelling at other passengers, spitting at people at some point,” Bolduc told Fox News.

Felix made it out into the aisle, turned to his seatmate and said “I’m going to kill you.” He pointed his fingers at his seatmates to mimic the actions of a gun. The men were then immersed in a scuffle. Another passenger jumped in to pry them apart from each other. The flight staff also intervened to restrain the man. When the flight landed safely in Miami, Felix was taken under the custody of Miami-Dade Police, who handed him over to FBI. The FBI reported that Felix spat blood on his co-passenger, and that they are still investigating the issue.

Although passengers must have been shaken by the incident, they praised the quick wit of the staff who remained composed and dealt with the incident before it escalated further.

“Calm under pressure. It was very impressive,” Bolduc said. “The situation could have been even worse.”

“We thank our crew of flight 1293 for taking care of our customers after a passenger caused a disruption. We are proud of the work they do every day,” a spokesperson for American Airlines said in conversation with Fox News.

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