Fighter Pilot Ejects Moments Before His Jet Turns Into Fireball

This is the exact moment caught on tape when a pilot ejects at last minute to save his life.

An MiG-29 jet, which costs over a whopping $22 million, caught fire during takeoff and the pilot only just managed to parachute to safety.

In the footage, the powerful jet is about to take off when flames shoot from its engines. The landing gear then collapses, leaving the aircraft careening along the runway.

As the flames grow, the pilot suddenly ejects, his parachute quickly opens and he sails away to safety as the burning plane roars out of shot.

The incident was caught on camera and was filmed by eyewitness during military training of Belorussian air forces at an airfield in the town of Babruysk in eastern Belarus.

The fire started in the engine but the cause of the blaze is not yet known, The Belarusian ministry of defense has started the investigation into the disaster.

The Belarus Ministry of Defense has praised the “competent” actions of the pilot. The pilot reportedly did not suffer any injuries.

“No one was hurt. The plane did not leave the territory of the airport," the ministry said in a statement.

Banner / Thumbnail : Reuters 

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