Filipino Father Leaves 5-Year-Old Daughter In The Forest As Punishment

The local police have launched a major search operation to find the child, who is only 5 years old.

A 5-year-old Filipino girl is missing after her insensitive father left her unconscious in a forest east of capital Manila.

Felipe Eranzo went to the local authorities after failing to find his daughter, Maria Fe, at the spot in the forest where he had left her.

He allegedly abandoned her as "punishment," after hitting her to unconsciousness because she had “embarrassed” him in front of his friends.

Eranzo told the police he was drunk when he hit Maria on the back of her neck. She fainted and he left her in a forest to “teach her a lesson.”

The police have launched a major search operation to find the child and have arrested Eranzo for child abuse.

A similarly bizarre case emerged last year in Japan when a 7-year-old boy was left in a bear-infested forest in Nanae, Hokkaido. The child was throwing stones at cars when his enraged parents left him in the mountains on the way home as punishment.

The little boy wasn’t there when they came back to get him. More than 180 rescue workers searched for the child in the deep crevices of the forest for a week. He was eventually discovered six days after his disappearance.

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