Filipino Mayor Promises 'Bloody Murder' When He Becomes President

As if making crass rape jokes about a dead missionary woman wasn’t enough, the Phillipines’ favorite presidential hopeful just promised a reign of mass murder.

Deplorable Filipino Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has crudely joked about an Australian missionary woman who was raped and murdered and called his own daughter a “drama queen” for reporting a sexual assault.

It's hard to believe a person would stoop lower than that, but that’s not true in Duterte’s case, apparently.

The Philippines presidential front-runner joked on Wednesday about his penis and vowed to pardon himself and his soldiers for murder during a campaign trail.

In a speech to the country’s elite business figures, Duterte defended his history of philandering with typical lewdness.

“I was separated from my wife. I'm not impotent. What am I supposed to do? Let this hang forever,” Duterte said, referring to his reproductive parts, as the crowd laughed. “When I take Viagra, it stands up.”

The 71-year-old mayor said earlier on the campaign trail that he kept two mistresses but reassured taxpayers they did not cost much because they lived in cheap boarding houses and he took them to short-time hotels to satisfy his sexual needs.

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Duterte also bragged about running a “vigilante” groups while he was mayor in the southern city of Davao and claimed the squads had killed 1,700 people. This statement has created uproar among humanitarian groups and the United Nations.

He pledged his reign would be instrumental in eradicating crime — which would be considered a good thing if he doesn’t plan on ordering security forces to indiscriminately kill criminals.

In addition, he vowed to pardon thousands of police officers and soldiers who would be charged with human rights abuses and claimed he would pardon himself for his crimes towards the end of his tenure  since the constitution allows the president to do so.

"Pardon given to Rodrigo Duterte for the crime of multiple murder, signed Rodrigo Duterte," he said amid laughter.

Just recently, the U.S. and Australian ambassadors condemned Duterte’s highly insensitive remarks. In response, he told them to “shut their mouths” and threatened to sever diplomatic ties with the nations when he becomes president.

Filipinos, who have been frustrated by the slow progress during the current presidency of Benigno Aquino, have reportedly been enticed by Duterte’s promises of quick fixes for corruption and crime in the country, a troubling trend which is the reason for his  current success in the presidential race.

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