Michael Moore Offers To Pay Fines Of GOP Electors Who Reject Trump

Michael Moore has offered to pay any potential fines faced by GOP electors should they choose to reject Donald Trump as the next president.

Filmmaker Michael Moore has made his distrust and dislike of Donald Trump's political rhetoric known on multiple occasions, and now he's offering to pay any Electoral College fines to keep the president-elect out of the Oval Office.

Even though he predicted Trump would win the general election, Moore has been very vocal about being anti-Trump.

He stood in front of Trump Tower holding a sign that read "We are all Muslim." 

He criticized Trump for not receiving his daily security briefings, declaring that he's going to get us all "killed."

He even recently claimed that he thinks the Electoral College will, in fact, reject Trump.

Moore is obviously trying to help make that happen after he posted on Facebook that he would pay any fines associated with GOP electors refusing to vote for Trump.

Moore posted the appeal to Facebook, explaining his offer and why Republican electors should take him up on it.

"I am writing you not as a card-carrying Democrat (I'm not) who voted for Hillary (I did), but simply because I am an American who, like you, deeply loves this country and its people.
Tomorrow is the day you are supposed to gather with your fellow electors and choose the next President of the United States. I am not going to ask you to vote for the person who got the most votes (although I will not be upset should you chose (sic) to side with the majority of your fellow Americans and do so!).
No, I'm simply asking you to vote your conscience and PLEASE do not put our nation in danger by choosing Donald J. Trump."

Moore's offer sparked outrage among many pro-Trump Twitter users who claimed that he was bribing the electors to break the law.

The electors are actually not required by any federal law to vote with the public opinion, which is evidenced by the fact that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but was slated to lose the Electoral College. Moore's appeal is not bribery but an attempt to use his considerable wealth to remove state-level, monetary penalties, which might discourage electors from voting with their "conscience."

As the votes roll in, protests have broken out across America. Moore's own act of protest at the eleventh hour is just one of thousands of appeals to the Electoral College to reject Trump's bigotry, xenophobia, and corporate corruption.

Banner Image Credit: Flickr, David Shankbone

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