Finding No Willing Americans, Trump Vineyard Looks For Foreign Workers

After having no success finding Americans willing to pick grapes at his vineyard, Eric Trump seeks applicants from abroad using U.S. visa program.

President Donald Trump may not like immigrants crossing the borders to work and help to enrich our economy — after all, economists have already pointed out that their very presence helps to create wealth (and even more jobs).

But when it comes to his own farms, he is forced to face reality and admit that Americans are simply not up to the task.

According to The Daily Progress, a winery located near Charlottesville, Virginia, and owned by the Trumps has applied to hire more foreign workers after having failed to find Americans suitable for the position.

Trump Vineyard Estates is currently owned by the president's son, Eric, and the company has requested 29 workers through the federal H-2A visa program, which allows agricultural employers who anticipate a shortage of domestic workers to hire foreign laborers.

In December 2016, the same firm applied to hire six workers from abroad, adding 23 new requests early this year. Now, the Albemarle County winery is seeking 29 new laborers.

According to Libby Whitley, an attorney who specializes in helping employers with labor services and is helping the Trumps, “people these days say there are no workers that will perform seasonal work like agriculture jobs, landscaping, entry level, low skill ... I think that’s an overstatement. I don’t think there are no people do to it, there’s just a deficiency of people to do it.”

For the Department of Labor to allow an employer to hire foreign immigrants, an application showing that there aren't enough workers in the United States who are willing and qualified to do the work must be filed. The employer must also prove that he or she attempted to find American citizens to take on the jobs first.

During the hiring process, Trump's vineyard attempted to get Americans to respond, but only applicants from outside of the country replied.

“Guess how many applicants we had ... 13,” Whitley told reporters. “And they were all from places like the Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria. We did not have one American worker apply.”

The vineyard is now set on ditching Trump's “America first” policy and, instead, hiring foreigners. After all, business comes first, right?

In Virginia, these laborers are paid $10.72 per hour. Whitley says that now that the media will be talking about the vineyard looking for workers, she's expected to be flooded with job applications from abroad.

We can't wait to see the president try to go around this incident and act as if it never happened to him or his family. After all, it's Trump himself who's doing his best to kill a very similar program known as H-1B. Because this program helps members of the tech industry find qualified employees abroad, many in Silicon Valley have been irritated with the president's willingness to make their jobs much harder.

Is he going to spare the H-2A program because it helps his businesses while pushing tech companies away because they simply cannot find qualified American employees? Only time will tell.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters, Denis Balibouse

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