Dramatic Footage Shows Firefighters Narrowly Escape “Fire Tornado”

Dramatic footage captured by an onlooker shows a firefighter narrowly escape a horrific “fire tornado” by diving into the nearby lake.



A video captured by onlooker Diane Logan and shared by St. Albert Fire Services on Twitter, has recorded the intense moments a group of firefighters was chased by a “fire tornado” right near Big Lake in Edmonton, Canada.

Apparently, the fire tornado was the result of a campfire that went out of control. The rescue workers tirelessly tried to take control of the situation, but a film of thick smoke soon formed, carrying debris into the air.

The smoke made it impossible for the firefighters to see anything, let alone combat the flames, and as they turned back and attempted to run away from the scene, the “fire tornado” seemed to chase them.

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Vince Pashko, one of the firemen, got left behind by his co-workers, and in desperation of saving his life, jumped into the Sturgeon River before the uncontrollable fire could harm him. 

“When the guys screamed, ‘Watch out,’ I turned around and all I could see was just a huge wall of black ash,” Pashko told CTV News. He was joined in the water by a moose and two calves, which had also jumped into the river to escape the huge fire.

Fortunately, all the firefighters were able to get away without any injuries while Pashko suffered some minor burns to his ear.

Check out the incredible video above.

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Thumbnail/Banner Credits: REUTERS/Rafael Marchante

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