First Kalamazoo Victim Protected A Group Of Kids From Bullets

The first victim of the Kalamazoo, Michigan shooting was a 25-year-old mother who risked her own life to save a group of children that was playing outside.

Jason Dalton, Uber driver and alleged Kalamazoo shooter, pulled up outside of Meadows Townhomes apartment complex Saturday evening. His arrival immediately caused Tiana Carruthers to sense something was wrong, according to The Root.

Her instincts kicked in and she began ushering kids who were playing outside to safety. Carruthers, 25, saw Dalton approach 12-year-old Joi Coleman and ask her “Have you seen Mazie?” It is unknown who “Mazie” is or why Dalton was looking for them, however, Carruthers intervened during his exchange with the pre-teen to see if he needed any help. Dalton then opened fire.

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"He shot her once and she was still running and then he shot her again and she fell. She was asking, 'Joi, help me. Joi, help me,'" the young girl who witnessed the traumatic incident recounted.

The brave woman was shot three times in the arms and legs, but she is still alive. She was even conscious after the shooting and gave police a description of Dalton and his car. (Assisting police with finding the culprit after being shot three times shows some serious strength.)

Carruthers’ quick thinking and bravery saved Joi and the other kids in the complex who would have been in the line of fire had she not told them to go inside. She unknowingly risked her life to spare several others.

After fleeing the scene at Meadows Townhomes, Dalton went on to kill six people and injure one other before being arrested early Sunday morning.

Carruthers put on a brave face once more and identified Dalton in a lineup. He’s since confessed to the shootings and faces first-degree murder charges. 

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