First Lady Is Greeted In Arizona By Trump Balloon Wearing A KKK Robe

Protesters waited for hours outside a facility holding immigrant children separated from their parents. Melania Trump avoided them by sneaking through the back door.

Protesters anticipating Melania Trump’s Thursday arrival at a facility housing immigrant children separated from their parents inflated a likeness of her husband, President Donald Trump, dressed in Ku Klux Klan apparel

The tall balloon held a white hood in his right hand and was accompanied by 30 protesters in Phoenix at a Southwest Key facility for children.

In addition to the protesters and balloon, reports indicate that NWA’s “F*** Tha Police” was also playing loudly in anticipation for the first lady’s arrival.

The group never did end up confronting her during her visit there — Trump entered a back door to the facility to avoid the protesters. That didn’t sit well with the group, who had been outside in scorching temperatures for several hours.

“She looks like a coward,” activist Maria Cruz Ramirez said. “She had to go in from the back.”

Melania Trump is supposedly trying to draw attention to the issue of children who are still being separated from their parents as a result of her husband’s policies. But perhaps that effort would be better served by continuing to appeal to the president, making it clear to him that these children need to be reunited with their families, and that his immigration standards in general need to be more compassionate.

It’s also disappointing that she avoided protesters entirely by sneaking in the back of the building. The opportunity for a real conversation between two opposing sides could have been held. Instead, she chose to ignore those people’s concerns, which only serves to separate the two sides of the debate even further.


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