First Male To Publicly Accuse Larry Nassar: 'I Hope He Rots In Hell'

An 18-year-old gymnast became the first male to publicly accuse Larry Nassar of sexual abuse. He held a press conference detailing his allegations on Monday.

Larry Nassar stands in court

An 18-year-old gymnast became the first male to publicly accuse Larry Nassar of sexual abuse on Monday.

Jacob Moore, who was 16 when Nassar abused him, held a press conference with attorneys on Monday during which he described the allegations and said he had joined lawsuits against Nassar, Michigan State University, and USA Gymnastics. (Nassar was a doctor for MSU and USA Gymnastics.) On Tuesday, Moore was interviewed on NBC News.

“I hope he rots in hell,” Moore said on the “Today” show.

The doctor allegedly used acupuncture on Moore’s pubic area while he was supposed to be treating a shoulder injury.

“I wasn’t a dumb kid, I knew what medical practices were, and that one was out of the ordinary,” Moore said in an interview with NBC News. “Coming out of the treatment I felt very uncomfortable.”

The gymnast said he hopes his story will inspire more males to come forward with their own stories.

Moore’s sister, Kamerin, previously said she was abused by Nassar and spoke at his sentencing hearing in January.

“Me and my sister shouldn’t be able to relate over the fact that we’ve both been abused,” Jacob Moore said. “That’s just really sickening to me, that he would violate our trust like that ... the things he did were just awful.”

A Michigan judge sentenced Nassar to three simultaneous sentences of up to 175 years in prison in January.

Nassar has been accused of sexual abuse by more than 260 women. When former gymnast Tiffany Dutton spoke at Nassar’s sentencing hearing, she said the other women who had spoke up encouraged her to share her story. The fact that such a large cohort of people share similar experiences and are connected by their abuse speaks to Nassar’s repugnance.

Moore’s bravery could help empower other males to share their stories of abuse by Nassar and could help further publicize that sexual violence affects both men and women.

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