Cruel Fisherman Rides Turtle Around Deck, Drags It By Its Flippers

“This is just so hard for me to watch. How can human beings be so cruel?” said an online user about the cruel fisherman riding a turtle around deck.

A fisherman believed to be from China has sparked massive outrage after a disturbing video of him brutally riding a sea turtle along the deck of a ship was posted on social media.

The clip, which is believed to have been taken somewhere in the seas off China, shows the man cheering as he put his entire weight on the distressed animal’s back. Brief laughter could be heard in the background as the crazed fisherman jammed his fingers under the turtle’s shell and it began to shuffle along.

The fisherman who was clearly indifferent about the animal’s plight, went on to torture the poor turtle some more. He dragged it back along the deck with its hind flippers and then attempted to lift it up while the terrified creature desperately tried to wriggle away.

Since the sea turtle seems to be fully grown, the fishermen apparently struggled to lift it up and twice dropped it on its head on the metal deck. When he finally managed to pick it up, the man cheered while the helpless turtle frantically flapped its front flippers, clearly trying to get out of the clutches of the horrible human being who was apparently having the time of his life.

What’s even more disturbing is people on the deck didn’t really care or found anything wrong with the horrifying way the man was treating the animal.

For obvious reasons, the video that was posted on Instagram, drew widespread criticism from animal lovers online who were appalled by the fisherman’s behavior.

“This is just so hard for me to watch. How can human beings be so cruel?” one user commented on the post.

“I’ve never felt so ashamed of the human race, some people don’t deserve to be on this planet!” another user said.

In recent days, several tragic incidents, which have claimed the lives of these sea animals, have come to light.

For instance, not long ago, theFort Morgan organization, Share the Beach, put up the photos of a dead Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle on its Facebook page. The picture shows a heavy cord from a beach chair wrapped around the poor reptile’s neck.

In another horrifying incident, over 300 olive ridley sea turtles were found dead in Mexico after apparently becoming entangled in net. It was believed the turtles may have fallen victim to “ghost nets” which are “gear that was lost by its owner and not retrieved for one reason or another.”

In most of the cases, the poor creatures have appeared to have lost their lives mainly because of the ignorance and neglect of selfish humans. It’s high time these animals are stopped being exploited to serve people who clearly don’t care for them enough.

Banner / Thumbnail : REUTERS/Tomas Bravo

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