5 Children Abandoned Outside Prison In Turkey As Police Detain Mother

The woman was reportedly visiting her jailed husband at Sincan Prison. Then she was detained by police while five of her children waited in the parking lot.

A lot of upsetting news has been coming out of Turkey ever since President Tayyip Erdogan launched a crackdown against his opponents and critics following a failed coup attempt in July.

Just this week, a woman was suddenly detained at Sincan Prison in Ankara as she visited her husband, who was reportedly jailed due to his alleged involvement in the coup.

Meanwhile, her five children, who were waiting in the parking lot, were left helpless. 

A 37-second video of the incident was recorded by one of the children. The boy can be heard crying as he opens the door of his mother’s car to show his frightened brothers.

It’s not yet clear why the woman was detained. Mahmut Tanal, a member of the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and also a member of Turkey’s Human Rights Commission in Turkey, denounced the arrest after watching the video.

“Leaving these children alone like this is not suitable either for the convention on the rights of children or legal provisions,” he wrote in a statement. “We will monitor this case. The necessary steps should be taken immediately to prevent the victimization of these children. Our most significant priority is the running of the law. But leaving five children alone, especially when one of them is ill, due to the detention of their mother, is utterly inconceivable according to conscience and the law. The images show a humanitarian plight.”

The children’s video clip was shared on Twitter by Mahir Zeynalov, a Washington, D.C.-based Turkish columnist for Al Arabiya and writing for Huffington Post.

Zeynalov has also created a fundraising campaign to help the children, one of whom has Down Syndrome.

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