5 Men Gang-Rape Moroccan Teen, Leaving Him Unconscious For 2 Weeks

The young man was drugged by the suspects and then raped after which he remained unconscious for 15 days.


An 18-year-old teen who was reportedly gang-raped by five men in Beni Mellal, Morocco, remained unconscious for two weeks after the incident.

The unnamed young man was drugged by the suspects and then raped after which he remained unconscious for 15 days. He is still struggling to live a normal life as his body is not functioning properly.

An investigation into the horrific incident was launched by Moroccan authorities and the Royal Moroccan Gendarmerie arrested four suspects. However, one of the gang members is still on the run. The investigation also revealed that the assailants are involved in drug trafficking.

Moreover, the arrested men also have a criminal record of cases involving rape.

The recent horrifying cases of sexual assault in the country raises alarms and shows the crime is on the rise in Morocco.

Earlier this year, a shocking video of a man attempting to rape an underage girl on the streets of Morocco emerged online while his girlfriend recorded the incident.

The incident sparked a furor on social media and many criticized the suspect’s action with hashtag “don’t you have a sister?”

Last year, another horrific incident took place when a 26-year-old woman was gang-raped by six teenagers. A number of people were present at the time on the bus but no one jumped in and help the victim.

In 2016, a 16-year-old rape victim committed suicide after being gang-raped by eight men in Ben Guerir, 43 miles (70km) north of Marrakesh. The girl set herself on fire after the suspects reportedly threatened to leak pictures of the horrific crime on social media.

It was later revealed that the teen was reportedly pregnant when she took her life.

In 2014, Morocco repealed a highly-controversial law under which rapists could evade their punishments if they married the victims. The law was highlighted and created an international uproar when 16-year-old Amina Filali committed suicide after she was forced marry her rapist.

However, since the repeal, nothing much has been done to stop the rampant issue of sexual harassment and rape in the country. Women and children continue to be a target in the Arab country and horrific incidents keep pouring in.

According to a NGO, 80 percent of sexual harassment and rape attacks are targeted towards children. Moreover, in most cases, the suspects are family members.

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