Petrified Passengers Start Praying As Plane's Engine Catches Fire

Oxygen masks reportedly failed to deploy from the ceiling, while passengers were told to cover their mouths and noses with wet towels handed out by the crew.

Dramatic footage shows passengers praying for their lives while they face a near death experience after a domestic flight in Nigeria caught fire mid-air.

The plane’s engine caught on fire 20 minutes after takeoff, making the passengers panic. One of the engines blades started burning, causing the cabin to fill up with thick clouds of smoke for more than 30 minutes. Allegedly, the plane wasn’t even equipped for the safety of its travelers.

According to reports, as the smoke filled the cabin, oxygen masks failed to deploy from the ceiling and passengers were told to cover their mouths and noses with wet towels handed out by the crew.

Twitter user Oriaku Okwesilieze shared her ordeal in a series of tweets, after being able to make a video of the plane. She also asked Nigerian airports for new flights.


In the video, people can be heard frantically praying; some of the panicked stricken passengers were even crying as the turbulence started and the flight crew prepared them to make an emergency landing.

Okwesilieze also mentioned that firefighters were present at the airport once it landed, but none of the staff gave the passengers an apology or an explanation for the major fault that could have lead to a massive tragedy.

Oladejo Olowu, who was also on board, explained that passengers suspected the plane was faulty before it took off, but they were assured by the pilot and the crew that everything was fine.

Olowu said that few minutes after takeoff, the faulty plane had to return to the Lagos Airport because of the fire problem. 

“They want to kill over 100 passengers with their faulty plane,” he said.

The plane was reportedly carrying 53 passengers, including a 7-month-old baby. A statement by Simon Tumba, media consultant to the airline, said that the management and the Nigeria's Civil Aviation Authority are investigating the incident.

Banner and thumbnail credit: Reuters

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