Flight Attendant Leaves 68 Pounds Of Cocaine At LAX And Flees

A flight attendant left huge amounts of cocaine at a TSA checkpoint, and was still able to board a plane the next day.

Marsha Gay Reynolds, a 31-year-old JetBlue flight attendant, has been charged with possession and intent to distribute after leaving 68 pounds of cocaine at a checkpoint at the Los Angeles International airport.

According to CNN, Reynolds used her “Known Crewmember credentials” to pass through a TSA security checkpoint with the cocaine in two carry-on bags. TSA officials randomly selected her for a screening and she began to appear nervous. Once agents realized what was occurring, Reynolds fled the scene, but the agents did not follow because they thought her bags could contain an explosive.

Reynolds miraculously boarded a plane the next day from Los Angeles to New York; a TSA spokesperson claimed that the incident was under investigation and they could give no further details.

On Wednesday, she surrendered to Drug Enforcement Administration officials in New York.

Reynolds is allegedly a Miss Jamaica World pageant contestant, having come in third place in 2008. A pageant representative commented on the incident, stating, “"We believe strongly in being good citizens and ambassadors. We do not tolerate this kind of behavior. We believe in creating opportunity through education and trying to improve our young womens' lives through honest living and hard work. Being a person of integrity is extremely important.”

The fact that Reynolds was able to board a plane after fleeing a TSA security checkpoint and leaving cocaine does not speak well to the level of security at the airport, despite the fact that airports are ostensibly safer than ever.

Reynolds appeared in a Brooklyn federal court on Thursday. 

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