Plane Forced To Land After Woman Discovers Husband Is 'Cheating'

The woman allegedly learned her husband had been cheating on her while on a plane. After the woman caused a scene, the pilot was forced to land elsewhere.

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An Iranian couple got on a plane headed to Indonesia oblivious that, in no time, their very public feud would end up diverting the entire flight.

On Sunday morning, a married couple and their child boarded a Qatar Airways flight. Within an hour, the husband had fallen asleep in his seat, giving his purportedly inebriated wife the opportunity to snoop.

Pressing her sleeping husband’s index finger against his phone’s scanner, the wife masterfully unlocked the screen. But as she read what was in his phone, reporters claim, she learned he was allegedly cheating on her.

According to different accounts of the incident, the woman proceeded to hit her sleeping husband. And as the flight crew attempted to pacify her, she “misbehaved.”

Due to the uncontrollable situation at hand, the pilot was forced to make a stop at the Chennai, India, airport so that the couple and their child could be kicked off.

At the Chennai airport, the family was held by authorities, and once the wife sobered up, the family was put on a plane headed to Kuala Lumpur. They were going to get on a flight back to Doha after that, reports revealed.

Unfortunately, we were left wondering whether the husband was, indeed, cheating on his wife, and what exactly she did to the crew to be kicked out. Still, it’s clear that the husband was not on his best behavior himself as he caused his wife to lose control over her emotions during the flight.

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