Everything Was More Important Than Flint At GOP Debate In Michigan

The Michigan Republican presidential debate proves that Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders was right when he said, “Even on our worst day, we are 100 times better than GOP.”

Government at every level has failed the people in Flint, Michigan, facing an ongoing water crisis. But at least the Democratic presidential candidates acknowledge the water crisis is happening. The same can't be said for their Republican rivals.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton have been to the city where thousands are struggling to get access to clean drinking water. Even though they were, obviously, not able to do anything substantial to ease the pain of the affected population, at least the Democratic hopefuls bothered to visit Flint.

People hoped the Republican aspirants would finally share their views on the national issue when Fox News took its latest GOP debate to Detroit, Michigan.

But people were wrong — and it’s not entirely the fault of the candidates.

As it turned out, the moderators raised one question regarding the health catastrophe in Flint, and only after almost 90 minutes into the debate.

As if this wasn’t outrageous enough, the GOP hopefuls, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and John Kasich, spent approximately two minutes  yes, two minutes  talking about a problem from which an entire generation is going to suffer. Equally absurd were their brief remarks.

Case in point: While Rubio denounced the crisis as a “systemic breakdown at every level of government,” he actually praised Michigan Gov. Rick Synder (R), the person most likely at fault for the crisis, for taking responsibility for the crisis. Then, in regular Republican fashion, Rubio diverted the discussion toward Democrats “trying to turn this into a partisan issue, that somehow Republicans woke up in the morning and decided, 'Oh, it’s a good idea to poison some kids with lead.'"

Topics that the candidates as well as Fox News’ anchors spent more time talking about included Trump University, Trump’s hands and Trump’s private parts, even as Flint protesters stood outside the venue.

Again, it wasn’t just the candidates’ responsibility to highlight the national emergency. Seasoned journalists like Bret Baier and Megyn Kelly are equally guilty of ignoring Flint’s plight.

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