Riots Erupt At Florida Airport After Spirit Cancels Flights

Passengers took matters into their own hands after learning that Spirit Airlines had canceled yet another flight. At least three people were arrested.

The flight industry has never been in worse shape — or at least, that's how it seems. Now it's Spirit Airline's turn to get some bad PR over a video that has gone viral.

On Monday, commotion took Fort Lauderdale's airport by storm as Spirit Airlines announced nine flights had been canceled, CNN reports.

Over the past seven days Spirit has canceled about 300 flights, which has left thousands of passengers stranded, scrambling to find a way to their destinations. On Monday, the frustration escalated into anger, and several travelers clashed with the airline's employees and even the police.

This latest fiasco, Spirit Airlines says, has nothing to do with the company itself. Instead, the firm claims the flights were canceled over a contentious labor negotiation between the pilots association and the company. The issue has turned into such a hassle for Spirit that the firm has filed a lawsuit against the pilots.

On Monday night, travelers stormed off an airplane after they were told their flight had been canceled. As they swarmed Spirit's ticket counter, Broward County deputies were called in to restore the peace.

On footage captured by travelers, deputies are seen struggling. Some passengers are taken to the ground and put in handcuffs while others are pulled aside from the crowd.

“Everyone was already aggravated about flight delays and the ridiculousness of standing in such a long line for hours, which Spirit Airlines did nothing to help,” passenger Cindy Matthews Beard told reporters. “[T]hen in walks these people off their flight raising a ruckus [and] cussing and screaming and they went straight to the counter.”

At least three passengers were arrested.

The video footage shows yet another airline scandal that unfortunately got out of hand. If Spirit is unable to settle these negotiations, the legal action taken against pilots might not be the quickest way to resolve this issue, which will undoubtedly result in more delays and canceled flights. If things remain the same, Spirit will have no customers left.


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