Fort Myers Nightclub Shooting: Here’s What You Need To Know

A Florida nightclub hosting an event for teenagers was attacked by gunmen early Monday morning, leaving two young men dead and more than a dozen injured.


Fort Myers police have identified the two murdered teenagers as Ste'fan Strawder, 18, and Sean Archilles, 14, NBC reported

The 16 injured victims range in ages 12 to 27, according to authorities.

Witnesses said that the gunshots began as parents were picking up their children from Club Blu, which was hosting a "No ID required" party night for teenagers.

While investigations into the motivations of the shooters are ongoing, the police department has ruled out terrorism. The department stated, "[We] would like to confirm that this incident is not an act of terror." 

Sean Archilles, Twitter, @JoeRoetzSte'fan Strawder, Twitter, @JoeRoetz

A horrific mass shooting in the parking lot of Club Blu, a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida, has left two teenagers dead and at least 16 wounded.

The youngest victim of the attack that took place around 1 a.m. happened to be a 14-year-old. People are still trying to track down their loved ones. Witnesses who escaped without injury have compared the scene to a “madhouse.”

There have been two other shootings in other areas and right now, the police suspect the incidents might be linked to one another. A gunman is known to have shot at one particular house and car at 2500 block of Parkway Street around the same time.

Three people were held for questioning, and although the area has been declared safe, it is still cordoned off for investigation.

"It's ridiculous that these kids have to go through this, they can't enjoy themselves because you have other people there who have criminalistic minds — they just want to terrorize things. I'm just glad she's OK,” Syreeta Gary, whose daughter was at the club, told the local Fox 4 news channel. Her daughter had ran between cars and dodged bullets to escape the life-threatening situation.

For now, the police are looking into possible causes leading to the shooting, and trying to get information on the suspects. All those who were injured at the club have been transported to hospitals where they are being treated for their injuries, which are mostly gunshot wounds of various intensities.

People on Twitter are calling for gun control and sympathizing with the innocent teenagers who have had to experience the harrowing attack.



Photo credit: Reuters

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