Horrifying Car Crash In Florida Sends Vehicle Airborne

The car was more or less completely damaged after the horrifying crash. Thankfully, good Samaritans rushed in to help the driver.

It was a moment no less than a miracle when a DeLand, Florida, man was pulled alive from his car following a scary multi-rollover crash that sent the vehicle going airborne, turning it into a pile of debris.

The accident was caught on surveillance camera of a nearby building. Footage shows the car flipping through the air before coming to a stop on a busy road.

“It probably did four or five 360s in the air,” Keeling King, a witness, told WESH.

Fortunately, bystanders immediately rushed toward the vehicle to assist the driver, who was pulled out to safety via the sunroof. He was immediately transported to Central Florida Regional Hospital in Sanford where he is recovering from his injuries.

Another witness Morgan Bissel told WESH the driver wouldn’t have made it had people not come to his rescue in time.

“People came over with fire extinguishers to put out the fire,” Bissel stated. “We flipped the car over and pulled the guy out so he didn't burn alive.”

Although it’s not yet clear as to what exactly caused the crash, local news outlets are reporting the vehicle rolled over after hitting a mailbox.

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