Florida Deputy Fired After Being Caught Sexting High School Students

A Florida deputy has been terminated and faces criminal charges related to inappropriate conversations he held with high school girls on Snapchat.

A Florida deputy and high school resource officer has been terminated after being caught having inappropriate conversations on Snapchat with students..

According to local reporters, Cpl. Milton Arroyo, who served as a resource officer at Fivay High School in Pasco County, engaged with students on the social network, asking them to send photos of themselves and video chat with him. He allegedly asked one student in particular to send him a picture of her undergarments.

Sheriff Chris Nocco told reporters that Arroyo offered a bogus excuse for his conduct, which did not help his case whatsoever.

“As a school resource officer, he saw there were a lot of students that were exchanging inappropriate pictures to each other,” Nocco told reporters regarding Arroyo’s reasoning for the inappropriate behavior. “He was actually using this as a teaching moment because if one of these students had sent a picture, he was going to use this as a teaching moment for them. Obviously everybody at home, same as us, we don't buy that story.”

Following months of investigating, Arroyo was ultimately fired.

"Someone who does this does not deserve to be wearing the badge and the gun," the sheriff asserted.

Arroyo will reportedly face charges of violating a law enforcement database. 

This abuse of power by Arroyo — among other similar and disturbing incidents throughout the country — exemplifies why civilians struggle to trust law enforcement officials. Let's hope Arroyo faces a swift conviction for his despicable actions.   

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Reuters, Elijah Nouvelage

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