Florida Shooter’s Brother Involuntarily Committed To Mental Facility

Zachary Cruz, who will turn 18 in a few days, is being held at a psychiatric facility under the Florida’s Baker Act.

Zachary Cruz, the younger brother of suspected Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School gunman Nikolas Cruz, has reportedly been committed to a mental health facility without his will.

Authorities removed someone from the Lantana, Florida, mobile home of Rocxanne Deschamps, a family friend of the Cruz brothers who had taken them in after their adoptive mother, Lynda Cruz, died of pneumonia on Nov. 1.

Deschamps had reportedly ordered Cruz not to bring his guns into the home. However, instead of complying, the 19-year-old left Deschamps' home and moved in with another family that instructed him to keep his weapon locked inside a cabinet.

Meanwhile, Zachary remained at the mobile home from which, according to one of his friends, the officials picked him up.

Zachary, who will turn 18 next week, was hauled from his home under the Florida’s Baker Act, under which a minor can be held up to 12 hours for an involuntary psychiatric exam. It remains unclear whether the younger Cruz has been released yet.

The circumstances surrounding his commitment have also not been released.

Following the tragic school shooting, which claimed the lives of 17 innocent students and educators, President Donald Trump refused to mention gun control and reiterated mental illness was to be blamed for the massacre — a notion that, experts warn, will only demonize an already vulnerable group that remains on the margins of society.

Although it is certainly important to address mental health issues, such inflammatory comments about mentally ill patients might deteriorate the public opinion about such people, as they could be considered suspicious and denied the opportunities that would be accorded to any other person.

More importantly, if the pro-guns Trump administration hopes to do something to help safeguard American citizens, it could start by making weapons of war inaccessible to people. However, that is something Trump, whose election campaign was funded by the National Rifle Association, seems entirely uninterested in.

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