Florida Man Blames Himself, Not Gun, For Accidentally Killing His Son

A 64-year-old father in Sarasota, Florida accidentally shot and killed his son at a gun range recently and blames himself for the mistake.

Update: A Florida man who accidentally shot and killed his teenage son is now blaming himself, not the gun that killed the boy. 

William "Clayton" Brumpy, 64, was at a gun range for shooting practice with his children when the gun hit and bounced off the ceiling, hitting the son, according to US News

The gun belonged to his 12-year-old daughter and Brumby continues to blame himself for killing his son, not the deadly weapon.

"The gun didn't kill my boy," Brumpy said. "I did." 

Brumpy was visiting a gun range in Florida with his family when he accidentally shotand killed his 14-year-old son.

On Sunday afternoon, Brumpy was removing the hand gun's casing when he pointed the gun behind him and accidentally shot his teenage son, Stephen Brumpy, according to People.

Brumpy was with his three children at the High Noon Gun Shop shooting range, in which his other children happened to witness the tragic incident, ABC News reported

"No matter how calm you try to stay, there's no way to wipe the images away from your mind of your little brother bleeding out in your arms," David Brumby, Stephen's older brother, said. 

John Buchan, co-owner of High Noon Gun Shop, spoke about the recent, fatal accident at his gun shop.

"There was a freak breakdown in the personal safety of owning and operating a firearm that should've never happened," he said.

The teenager was later pronounced dead at the hospital. 

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters

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