Thanksgiving Miracle: Man Reunites With Missing Pooch After 3 Years

A pooch that went missing in Florida was found in New Jersey after three years, just two days before Thanksgiving.

Bella, a white Maltese-Pomeranian mix went missing in 2013 when owner Bill Gerstein bought her to work.

He let her loose and got busy with work, forgetting about Bella. Later Gerstein and his friends looked for the pooch everywhere but she had vanished.

“We searched, we put up signs, we were at this place until 2 in the morning,” he said.

Bella was gone.

He strived hard to find Bella for three years but eventually started to lose hope.

“I had dreams two nights in a row that I found my Bella. I miss her. Two false sightings, two dreams. I'm not superstitious but she was lost on a Friday the 13th. Maybe I'll find her on the next one,” Gerstein wrote on a Facebook page that was initiated to find Bella.

Missing Pooch

Gerstein got quite a shock when he got a call from an animal shelter two day before Thanksgiving informing him that his missing pooch had moved to Paterson, New Jersey.

Within minutes, he booked a flight to New Jersey ready to reunite with his missing pup.

“I picked her up she was shaking uncontrollably for 10 minutes,” he recalled. “I think she was in shock that we were reunited.”

Luckily Bella was micro chipped and the shelter got Gerstein’s information from the device.

Turns out that, a woman had taken care of the little dog for nine months, but then the Maltese-Pomeranian mix ran away.

Another woman, Ashley Abregu, found her and took her out of the cold before bringing her to the Paterson animal shelter.

“I found her by herself rolling in dirt near my house so I took her with me and she was just a sweetheart,” Abregu wrote on We Found Bella The Dog on Facebook.

“I wanted to keep her until we found the owners but unfortunately where I live there is a no pet policy. She looked as if whoever took her was not taking good care of her; she was very knotty and dirty.”

Missing Pooch

Gerstein said Bella is happy to be home and remembers the whole family.

Missing Pooch

The family is extremely excited to have their missing pup back, calling this moment a Thanksgiving Day miracle.

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