Florida Mom Teaches Armed Carjackers A Lesson They’ll Never Forget

Two unsuspecting carjackers thought they would be able to do their job quickly at a Florida gas station. But they chose the wrong car.

A Florida mother bravely fought off a pair of thieves as they advanced to steal her car at a gas station in Hilaeah.

Even though the carjackers were armed, the unnamed woman confronted them to protect her children who were inside the vehicle.

"She was a mom, and what that bad guy didn't know, in the backseat of that car were two kids," Carl Zogby of the Hialeah Police Department told WSVN. "She wasn't gonna let them be taken, so she fought, she dragged the guy out of the car, and they both ran away like cowards."

The thieves initially targeted another woman, whose car was adjacent to the pump. Luckily, she thwarted the robbery by locking herself in and driving off before the men could get inside.

They immediately went inside to make a second attempt. Unaware that there were children inside the vehicle, the thieves tried to get inside while its owner stood outside, pumping gas. As soon as the woman saw two men in ski masks approach her car, she rushed toward them and wrestled them away.

The suspects fled the scene in a getaway car but were chased and, soon, caught by the police. They have been identified as Juan Carlos Gonzalez, 17, Nicholas Rosado, 19, and Rebecca Utria, 21  the alleged getaway driver. The three have been charged with attempted armed carjacking and fleeing from the police.

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