Floridians Go Surfing As Deadly Hurricane Matthew Approaches The Coast

Disregarding all safety measures and warnings, scores of Floridians hit the beach to snap selfies and surf the dangerous waters.

Florida hurricane

After claiming at least 140 lives in the Caribbean, Hurricane Matthew has strengthened into a Category 4 storm and is currently directing itself at Florida’s coast. Experts believe it is possibly one of the worst hurricanes to have ever hit the region.

President Barack Obama called a state of emergency while Florida Gov. Rick Scott urged some 1.5 million people to evacuate immediately. People are stocking up supplies, hunkering down at home, with friends or in shelters set up for the evacuees.

Although the storm has not hit with its full force yet, thousands of people are already without power in some parts of the sunshine state.

It's utter chaos, but even in times like this, some people found a way to indulge in some recreational activities and decided to hit the beach — because what could be more fun than risking your life while inspiring others to follow your idiocy.

storm clouds

As the storm clouds rolled in and the winds picked up, scores of people descended on the beaches up and down the Florida coast to snap selfies, ride their bikes and do probably the worst thing anyone should attempt in such weather: surf.

Hurricane Matthew

Local news channel WSVN recorded an unidentified father-son duo, carrying surfboards and sporting swimming gear, walking toward the water on a beach in Miami. Moments later, they both jumped in the dangerous waters with their boards.

A couple was also seen taking photos nearby.



Similarly, a crowd of unapologetic enthusiasts chose to ignore all the warnings against going to the beach and entered the rough waters of Fort Lauderdale.

“Hurricanes are the only time we get waves,” said 34-year-old Gia Tsavalos.

Hurricane Mathew

The authorities and first responders have repeatedly told the residents and tourists to avoid going outdoors — going to the beach is a complete no-no.

“It’s not that we don’t respect the storm. We do,” Buddy Mountcastle, 48, explained. “My home is all boarded up. We’re protected.”

Well, a boarded up house is not going to protect anyone who is not inside it.

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