Emma Gonzalez Urges Adults To Take Action Against Guns In Moving Essay

“Adults like us when we have strong test scores, but they hate us when we have strong opinions,” Emma Gonzalez wrote in an essay in Harper’s Bazaar.


In a powerful essay in Harper’s Bazaar, Emma Gonzalez, one of the most vocal survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting, voiced her disappointment in adults who refuse to address gun violence.

The 18-year-old survivor of the school massacre, who has been an outspoken critic of the National Rifle Association and lawmakers who take money from the gun rights group, urged adults to take action against gun violence in America.

In her essay, she talked about herself as any teenager does: She wrote she is Cuban-American, bisexual and an artist.

Gonzalez then continued saying that after the life-altering tragedy, none of these things that used to please her matter anymore.

“What matters is that the majority of American people have become complacent in a senseless injustice that occurs all around them. What matters is that most American politicians have become more easily swayed by money than by the people who voted them into office. What matters is that my friends are dead, along with hundreds upon hundreds of others all over the United States,” the brave teen wrote.

Gonzalez repeated she and the other survivors are tired of being ignored. Since Feb. 14, when the horrific shooting took place, she has rallied for the enactment of stricter gun laws and the nation has joined hands with her.   

“We are everyone who has been shot at, grazed or pierced by bullets, terrorized by the presence of guns and gun violence in America,” she spoke for every survivor.

“We are grieving, we are furious, and we are using our words fiercely and desperately because that’s the only thing standing between us and this happening again,” she firmly stated.

Since the rally at Ft. Lauderdale that drew people to commemorate the lost ones and speak about gun control, she has been criticized for being “too emotional.” She also responded to that criticism. 

“Adults are saying that children are emotional,” she noted. “I should hope so — some of our closest friends were taken before their time because of a senseless act of violence that should never have occurred. If we weren’t emotional, they would criticize us for that, as well.”

Gonzalez and her fellow student David Hogg were also wrongly accused of being “crisis actors.”

She also addressed comments regarding her and her friends being disrespectful.

“Adults are saying that children are disrespectful. But how can we respect people who don’t respect us? We have always been told that if we see something wrong, we need to speak up; but now that we are, all we’re getting is disrespect from the people who made the rules in the first place,” Gonzalez recorded.

She also responded to President Donald Trump’s proposal of arming teacher with guns, saying that they need to be armed with solid education.

“Adults like us when we have strong test scores, but they hate us when we have strong opinions,” she marked.  

Gonzalez is now demanding security, protection, increased mental health care and for people to be more responsible with their weapons.

But the most important thing she said was all the survivors want to do is to return to school to continue their education — they are just waiting for a safe environment.

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