Florida Teacher Fired After Joke Test Question On Trump’s ‘YUGE’ Wall

A teacher wrote a question in an exam asking students what they thought would happen if Trump became president and it didn't go well.

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Donald Trump’s absurd idea for a wall deserves to be thoroughly mocked, but one Florida teacher got fired recently for doing so.

Malik Leigh, who teaches a law class for freshmen and sophomores at Palm Beach Lakes High School, wrote a test question in which he asked students what would happen if Trump were to become president.

According to WPBF-TV, answers included “screwed” and “screwed behind a really YUGE wall that Mexico pays for.”

This humorous question did not sit well with school administrators, who reviewed Leigh’s end of the year exam, and later declined to renew his contract with the school. “This is an absolute no-no,” Superintendent Robert Avossa said. “We send out information to our teachers regularly about staying away from individual political parties.”

Leigh defended himself by claiming that it was an inside joke: “You have to have fun in a class, especially a law class. It can be boring, so I pulled some of the jokes that go on during class.”

While a question such as Leigh’s is largely unprofessional, it certainly does not warrant his removal from the school, particularly if no students complained about his anti-Trump sentiments.

According to Raw Story, Leigh is facing investigation by the Office of Professional Standards and he has stated he may pursue legal action over this. 

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