Adorable Triplets Form A Special Bond With Their Trash Collectors

A set of adorable 2-year-old triplets eagerly await “Garb Day” in anticipation of their very special friends.

A set of Florida triplets struck up an unusual friendship when they became obsessed with the family's trash collectors.

Heaton, Wilder and Holden, the 2-year-old toddlers of TV anchor Martha Sugalski and her husband Robert Reich, are best buds with their friendly neighborhood trash collectors, Andrew Black, Rob Whitmore and Chad Cover.

Every Tuesday and Friday morning or what the triplets call “Garb Days,” the little tots, armed with Gatorade and donuts, eagerly wait in anticipation for the garbage truck to come by — sometimes jumping up and down in their excitement.

“The crew gets out of the truck and they high-five the babies and give fist bumps and we talk,” their mother, Martha Sugalski, told BuzzFeed. “They spend 10 to 15 minutes with us every Tuesday and Friday.”

The toddlers also bear the load and help the three men tow in trash into the truck. This has gone on for two-and-a-half years.

Trash Collectors

Trash Collectors

Trash Collectors

Trash Collectors

Trash Collectors

The strong bond first formed when the triplets’ mother would take them to walks on their stroller and would wave to the men in the truck. After a while, the men started honking their horns when they would spot the babies and soon even started coming out to talk to them. Very soon, the triplets started looking forward to the crew's visit.

The video posted by Sugalski, featuring one such visit, has been viewed over 34 million times by Facebook users.

While the kids are obviously happy to meet the crew, it seems the feeling is mutual for the trash collectors. In fact, Black, who is temporary off work because of an injury, still pops up from time to time to see the kids.

“I just love the triplets. I almost feel like they’re my own,” Black told BuzzFeed. “Every time I see them, they just bring me joy.”

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