Food Network Host Will Not Apologize For N-Word Tweets

“Could you not use the n-word because it’s very, it’s a little unnerving,” said TMZ’s Van Lathan. Josh Denny repeated the word at least thrice after that.


Comedian and Food Network host Josh Denny veered way off from the realm of propriety when he repeatedly and unapologetically used the N-word on his Twitter account and podcast.

The host of “Ginormous Food” appeared on Van Lathan’s podcast “The Red Pill” to discuss his notorious tweet where he made a lousy comparison between “straight white male” and the racial slur.

The commentators soon blasted the comedian, accusing of him of being tone-deaf.





The ensuing outrage on his post and Lathan’s repeated objection did little to discourage the comedian from using the expletive again and again during nearly hour-and-a-half-long appearance on the podcast.

He recounted his older tweets dating back to 2012 and made discriminatory remarks about Asian women, shrugging off most of his offensive tweets as just “dark jokes.”

“Do you think nobody enjoys dark comedy, and do you think that anybody that does enjoy dark comedy, that it's indicative of a deeper evil?” he asked.

Lathan didn’t hesitate from pointing out how those tweets were “pretty vile” and a very poor attempt at making jokes.

Rest of the broadcast was marked by TMZ’s Lathan growing increasingly uncomfortable and asking Denny to refrain from using the n-word, while the latter said it again–at least 3 times.

“Could you not use the word because it’s very, it’s a little unnerving,” Lathan said at one point.

“Why would you say that again if I told you it made me uncomfortable?” the host repeated after some time.

“Because it’s in the joke. I’m quoting the joke,” responded Denny.

Lathan called Denny’s repeat use of the slur “unbelievably telling to me.”

As of yet, Food Network spokespeople haven’t commented on the matter.

However, before appearing on the podcast, Denny posted a series of tweets trying to make sense out of his controversial post.






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