These 6 Exciting Food Trends Are Not Going Away Anytime Soon

If you love healthy food but tend to get bored of what you are eating at times, then these six exciting food trends are for you.

Eating healthy has, thankfully, become a habit many people have made over the years.  2017 is fast becoming known as the year of healthy eating.

People are focused onhealthy eating options more than ever before, they are more aware of their health, and they know how to work around eating habits that work best for their bodies.

Cutting out artificial preservatives is fast being replaced with consuming fresh, natural flavors. Gone are the days when only meat and chicken quenched your body’s protein requirements. 

However, following the same diet all the time can get tiresome. 

Here’s a list of exciting yet healthy new trends that are popping up in 2017.

1. Blue-Green Algae

Blue-Green algae, also known as spirulina, is a bacterium that also classifies as a plant. Its powdered form can be a great addition to smoothies for people who want more protein in their diet.   

According to new research, spirulina has several healing properties. It seems to have a positive effect on immunity, allergies, certain viral infections and liver damage. People who consume the blue-green algae reportedly have a healthier skin, hair and nails because of the iron content. 

2. Drinking Vinegar

The trendiest beverage of this year is not a diet drink or a smoothie, it’s not even lemon water — the newest addition to drinking healthy is vinegar.  

New recipes are incorporating other vinegars, such as fruit vinegars or Japanese black soybean vinegar, into health-conscious recipes with a variety of beneficial physiological effects, including antibacteria, anti-infection, antioxidation, anticancer activities, blood glucose control, lipid metabolism regulation and weight loss.

3. Coconut Flour

Coconut flour is the best alternative for baking and is extremely effective for those who follow a gluten-free diet. Its fiber lowers the body’s glycemic index, cutting down on blood sugar.

Even though this flour is free from gluten proteins, it includes an impressive number of other proteins. Generally, 100 grams of coconut flour contains 19.3 grams of protein.

4. FODMAP Free Food

Foods and digestive disorders are naturally linked; there is a good chance that FODMAPs — small carbohydrates in certain foods — are the reason for you feeling uneasy or sick after eating certain kinds of foods.  The term FODMAP is an acronym for six different short-chain carbohydrates that have been identified as causing stomach ailments among millions of people.

Low FODMAP foods include potatoes, chick peas, ginger, kale, berries, poultry, beef and much more.

5. Skyr

Skyr originated from Iceland and is a strained, mildly flavored yogurt (although Icelandic people will tell you it's cheese.) It's chock-full of both protein and probiotic cultures that help with your gut's biodome.

6. Jackfruit

This fruit is full of proteins, nutrients and potassium. It's just the fruit — jackfruit seeds also have great nutritional value. This fruit has become a popular substitute for meat among vegans and vegetarians.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Pixabay, AliceKeyStudio

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