This Is Where The King Is Keeping Two Of The Saudi Princesses Captive

Earlier in March, a British broadcaster reported that four Saudi princesses have been held captive in Jeddah for nearly 13 years.

On Tuesday, Channel 4 obtained new footage from inside the royal compound where they are allegedly being held against their will by their father.

The unverified video was filmed by two of the princesses, who claim their situation is deteriorating by the day and their captors are starving and their pets to death.

Alanoud Al Fayez, a former wife of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, contacted the news channel for help, revealing that her daughters named Sahar, Maha, Hala and Jawaher were taken captive by the monarchs for advocating women's rights in the country.

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In addition, Al Fayez, Sahar and Jawaher took to Twitter this month to highlight the issue, posting images of the unidentified location where the women are being detained.

The mother, currently based in London, has reportedly sought the help of a United Nations special human rights rapporteur to get in touch with her daughters.

"They are really in a terrible state, especially Jawaher and Sahar. They are hanging to life. They don't deserve what happened to them,” she told Channel 4.

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