Footage Shows Officer Taser Shackled Inmate To Death

The video has now been removed from YouTube channel.

A violent, graphic YouTube video released by The News & Observer of an inmate at a detention center in North Carolina reveals five year old CCTV footage of Brendan Bethea, 24, being tasered three times while shackled and being left in his cell to die. The video has since been removed from the internet.

The video depicted Bethea being led by police officers into a padded cell and getting tasered in the chest by a detention officer who has been identified as John Clark. The impact of the shock caused Bethea to fall to the ground, where he was tasered two more times. He was reportedly left alone on the ground for 20 minutes until he was discovered dead.

To this day, no one at Harnett County Jail has been punished or even formally charged for the murder committed in March 2011. A medical examiner deemed the death to be a homicide but no one has been accused yet.

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The News & Observer reported that Officer Clark is known to still be working at Harnett County. He reportedly said, “I wish I had died that day.”

According to RT, Sheriff Larry Rollins said in 2011 that Bethea was being physically violent when tasered and that officer John “Clark was left with no other choice than to deploy the weapon during an altercation with the inmate.” Rollins resigned in March and refused to comment on the case.

However, the surveillance footage reveals that Bethea was in fact not being aggressive at the time he was cruelly tasered to death.

After Bethea’s family filed a lawsuit, the county paid them off with $350,000 to dismiss the case and forbid them to speak out about it to press. 

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