Footage Shows Cops Stomping A Black Man Who May Be Mentally Unwell

Although police have not yet identified the man, a man named Douglas Hall has come forward and claimed the man is his brother who is mentally ill.


Another day, another story of racial profiling, this time a black man believed to be mentally unfit was targeted with police violence.

Disturbing footage shows North Carolina officers tackling a lone black man to the ground and beating him.

The video, which appears to be shot on a mobile phone at a street in Raleigh, shows a black man being confronted by police officers. He hurls punches at any officer who nears him. Soon enough, he is tackled to the ground and can then be seen lying on the road with six officers holding him to the ground.

In the video, one officer has locked his hands behind his back, while another holds his head down to the ground. In this way, the man’s body is left completely at the whim of the officers who hold it motionless.

A police officer can be seen bent over the man, striking him repeatedly with his baton. As time passes, the blows from his batons intensify. The video shows a brief skirmish as the black man on the ground attempts to bite the leg of one of the police officers holding him.


The video has been widely shared on social media and has sparked outrage among community activists from the area. Although the police have not yet identified the man in the video, a man named Douglas Hall has come forward and claimed that the man is his 44-year-old brother, Frederick Hall.

Douglas said that his brother has a history of struggling with mental disorders. While talking to The News & Observer, Douglas recounted his exasperation as he tried to locate his brother.

“I called the Raleigh Police Department; there’s no report on file,” Douglas said. “I called the Wake County jail. He’s not in the system.”

This is not the first time, Douglas said, that his brother has become a target of police violence. Frederick, who has been battling mental disorders for twelve years now, was beaten severely by law enforcement officials in 2016 also.

Back then, the sport utility vehicle Frederick had been driving stalled on Interstate 540. Frederick got out of his car and was then hit by a tow truck. When the two truck driver called 911, the officers arrived and talked to the driver about the situation.

“Then they snatched my brother out of the car, handcuffed him, maced him, beat him unconscious and then took him to WakeMed,” Douglas Hall said.

According to the records, Frederick Hall was charged on March 23, 2016, with resisting an officer and assaulting a law enforcement officer. He was not convicted or sentenced for these charges.

In the aftermath of this incident, activists have demanded an investigation into the case, citing incidents like these as the cause of distrust between the black community and the police. Wake County District Attorney Lorrin Freeman reassured citizens that the case was under review.

Earlier this year, police fatally shot a mentally unwell black man who was holding a piece of pipe. Earlier this month, footage emerged of Detroit cops beating a naked black woman who may also have been mentally unwell. These people are at an additional risk since their actions can easily be construed as violent.

Douglas confirmed to the media that his brother is currently at WakeMed Hospital and is in a stable condition.

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