Man Breaks Into Tears As Wife Surprises Him With Rose Bowl Tickets

Penn State football coach James Franklin joined in the excitement after watching the fan's emotional reaction upon receiving the tickets.

A Penn State football fan got the surprise of his life when his wife gifted him with Rose Bowl tickets to Pasadena to watch his team play the University of Southern California.

Dean Yockey, an avid football fan, dreamt of going to the Rose bowl match to watch his team play, but he knew that his family’s budget didn’t allow him to buy the tickets.

Eventually, he gave up on his wish — but his wife did not.

She went forth and bought the tickets and surprised her husband with a gift box containing a bowl of roses.

The emotional moment was caught on camera.

In the footage, Yockey can be seen opening the gift box, while his kids ask him, “What is it, dad?”

“I don’t know, it’s a rose bowl,” he replies, reading through the items placed in the box, when it suddenly hits him that he was holding the tickets to the Rose Bowl.

Overwhelmed, Yockey broke down in tears.

“How did you get the money for this, honey, we don’t have the money for this,” he asked his wife, who hugged him to appreciate his hard work, making him realize he deserved every bit of it.

Yockey’s heartwarming reaction video took the internet by storm, also attracting the attention of Penn State football coach, James Franklin. He even called the avid Penn State fan to thank him for all his support. 


Later, Yockey told The Centre Daily times, about his lifelong dream, “Mainly my wife and I talked about it, because she always wanted to go to the Rose Parade and I always wanted to go to the Rose Bowl,” he said. “We thought it’d be a good thing to do. Then we thought we’d save the money, because you never know what you can save it for. What if the girls get married?”

He can’t thank his family enough for the lovely surprise.

“This is a dream come true. It’s really a dream come true,” he exclaimed.

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