English Teacher Kicks Elderly Woman’s Suitcase At Taipei Metro Station

There's no excuse for this behavior.

A foreigner reportedly kicked an elderly woman’s bag at the Ximen MRT station in Taipei, according to Taiwan news. As if this wasn’t enough, he then went ahead and cursed all the Taiwanese people at the train station.

What’s even worse is the fact that the foreigner, who has been identified only as Brian, according to Apple Daily, is an English teacher.

Teachers are supposed to build characters of generations, but Brian was disrespectful and didn’t even think once about the dignity of his profession before spewing racial slurs at Taiwanese people.

It all started after Brian kicked a suitcase of an elderly woman who happened to be in her 60s — just because it was at the bottom of the escalator, apparently blocking his way. He then abused the woman in English.

All of this was witnessed by another man at the station, identified by his surname Huang. When Huang asked the Brian to apologize, the racist man yelled, “It’s none of your business.” 

Nevertheless, Huang was persistent and asked the bigot to apologize again.

This time Brian spewed racial slurs not only at Huang but also at all the other people present at the station. “F**k you Chinese,” he told Huang. Next, he yelled, “F**k all you Chinese” flipping the man off.

Huang posted this disgusting incident on a local Facebook group. Soon Brian’s pictures were also uploaded on the group. Huang then went to the Ximen police department and pressed charges against the so-called teacher for publicly insulting him, the elderly woman and all the other people at the station.

All thanks to the surveillance footage, Brian was immediately identified and called on by the authorities for questioning. The bigot apologized in a video and wanted to settle the matter with Huang.

"I would like to take this time to give an apology. First, I would like to apologize to the lady that I yelled out and kicked her bag, that was wrong of me. Second, I would like to apologize to all the Taiwanese and Chinese friends of mine. What I said was wrong and hurtful, I have many friends in this country and I hurt them as well. Thirdly, I would like to apologize to Mr. Huang. It was wrong of me to give you the hand gesture that I did, I apologize for that. Lastly I would like to apologize to everybody for my actions and let everybody know got this won’t happen again. Thank you for teaching me lesson Mr. Huang, like I said this won’t ever happen again,” read the English transcript of the apology.

However, the Taiwanese man thought Brian’s intentions to reconcile were not sincere and insisted on pressing charges against him. “The dignity of the Taiwanese people should not be trampled upon,” he said. “He lied about his actions that day. I don’t think he is sincere about reconciling.”

“This English teacher who is so unfriendly to Taiwanese people comes to Taiwan to teach our children English, I am very worried,” he continued.  

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Pixabay, Victorsnk

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