Forget The Wall — America Needs A Mirror To See Its Own Reflection

A protest slogan begs the question, what would America see when it looks itself in the mirror? Would it see the proliferation of white nationalist propaganda?

While the reality of Donald Trump’s election to presidential office may be settling in for some, activists and protesters haven’t given up their fight just yet.

On Tuesday, a Reddit image of a protester with a poignant slogan on a cardboard sign went viral. Although the message wasn’t new, it strikes a chord with those of us who are left feeling more than dissatisfied with the election results. With Trump’s presidency looming near, the message is increasingly relevant for those who voted for his anti-immigrant policies which drew support based on a collective, irrational fear of migrants.

Photo: Twitter, @SoTyne

Trump claimed that Mexicans were criminals and rapists and that he would build a wall between the United States and Mexico. He seeks to ban Muslim immigrants from countries with terrorist affiliations from entering the U.S.

However, the xenophobic sentiments behind this rhetoric and policy-making couldn’t be farther from fact. Instead, they play upon an institutionalized stigma of criminality.

According to the American Immigration Council, countless studies indicate immigrants — including undocumented immigrants — are less likely to commit serious crimes and be in prison than native-born Americans. Furthermore, innumerous studies have shown that the higher the rate of immigration, fewer incidents of violent crimes and property crimes occur in the U.S.

The facts are loud and clear. Why should immigrants be prevented from coming into the U.S. if they aren’t violent and don’t pose any sort of criminal threats?

Photo: Twitter, @GoddessKerriLyn

Unfortunately, the public at large doesn’t seem to care about statistics when casting their vote and becomes trapped into believing whatever Trump says. So, the question remains: what would America’s reflection look like if a mirror were held up to it?

Trump is about to impose “a great expulsion” upon immigrants living in America, particularly those living without legal documentation. The projection of Trump’s stereotypically white American values onto the nation, frankly, doesn't seem very appealing.

Banner photo: Twitter, @SoTyne

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