Former CNN Anchor Says Trump Town Hall Was A 'Horrifying Lovefest'

CNN Town Hall portrayed the Trumps as one big happy family that can do no wrong — and a former news anchor doesn’t like it one bit.

In a town hall appearance Tuesday night, CNN managed to pull off the Trumps as a model family.

The GOP front-runner’s wife and children all portrayed him as a consummate husband, father and role model, which made him sound almost, well, human.

But his family’s presence on stage proved lucky for Donald Trump in more ways than one. He not only came across as a considerate person but also the CNN toned down their level of questioning, apparently in respect to his family — and in doing so, lost a valuable opportunity to ask the presidential hopeful some much-needed, hard-hitting questions.

Former CNN anchor, Campbell Brown, pounced on this very apparent shortcoming in a massive rant on social media. She dubbed the town hall meeting as a veritable “lovefest” between the Trump Family and her former network.

“This CNN townhall is like nothing I have ever seen – horrifying lovefest and official Trump endorsement,” she tweeted during an online rant

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Brown also went on to highlight the glaring omissions in the line of questioning, by tweeting the type of queries she thought the network should have made to the Trump Family.


She also wondered why the news agency failed to directly attack the Trump Family about the GOP’s misogynistic comments online — a question that had ample opportunity to arise provided the fact that Melania Trump talked about protecting her son from the dangers of cyber bullying, while the No. 1 cyber-bully, her husband, was sitting right next to her.

The NBC reporter further mentioned the glowing article in “New York Observer” that unabashedly endorsed Trump and ridiculed him for gaining the attention of the masses, by letting his son-in-law Jared Kushner — who is incidentally also the publisher of the newspaper— write a glowing review about him.

Brown also wrote an essay in December in which she dubbed Trump as a “supreme narcissist” and urged the news channels not to give the infamous candidate so much free air-time.

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