Former ‘Fox And Friends’ Host Is Now Trump’s Under Sec Of State

President Donald Trump is an avid consumer of Fox News shows, so it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that he staffs his cabinets with former “Fox and Friends” hosts.

President Donald Trump’s favorite show is not only his source of news. It’s also where he goes to staff his administration.

Former “Fox and Friends” co-host Heather Nauert, a current State Department spokeswoman, is replacing Steve Goldstein, a top aide to former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson.

Goldstein was reportedly let go on Tuesday after he contradicted the White House’s official account of how Tillerson lost his job.

According to Axios, the White House said that Nauert is the “only one at State we trust.”

Goldstein had said that Tillerson had learned he was going to be fired on Tuesday morning thanks to a tweet posted by the president. But the White House had said that John Kelly, Trump’s chief of staff, had already told Tillerson that he was going to be replaced.

After firing Tillerson Tuesday, Goldstein was the next in line.

Nauert has been working with the administration as a spokeswoman for the State Department since April 2017. Despite her hosting experience, she never had any experience in diplomatic work. Now, she is the acting under secretary for public diplomacy.

Prior to representing Trump’s State Department to the media, Nauert worked as a “Fox and Friends” anchor for five years and at the New York affiliate Fox 5.

As a spokeswoman, Nauert was once asked what exactly the State Department was doing in Syria to bring the violence to an end. While saying the department was “fully engaged,” she added: "I don't know what some of you expect us to do.”

As we all know, Trump does, indeed, love “Fox and Friends,” so it isn’t a surprise to hear that the only staff member in his State Department that he and his close circle trust is a former host of his favorite show.

While liking a TV show in particular as a private citizen isn’t necessarily alarming, it’s the president we are talking about. He has already made decisions based on what the show has aired in the past and is heavily engaged on Twitter while the show is live. What else can we expect? Will he choose another host with no experience to run his White House next?

Only time will tell.

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