Mike Huckabee Thinks The Real Movement Should Be 'Male Lives Matter'

In attempt to explain that police brutality isn't grounded on race, former governor Mike Huckabee founded a new movement: Male Lives Matter.

This weekend, Mike Huckabee, former Republican governor of Arkansas, told Fox that last week's murders of innocent African-Americans by police were not racially motivated.  

He stated that "more white people have been shot by police officers than minorities."

This claim was fact-checked by The Washington Post which determined that that statistically, more whites have been killed by law enforcement than blacks based on figures alone. But, given the context that African-Americans make up 12 percent of the population, they are three times more likely to be shot than whites.

When The Washington Post asked Huckabee for an explanation for his logic, which they proved was incorrect, he called for a "Male Lives Matter" movement to replace "Black Lives Matter." He said,

"It's not me that needs to be 'fact checked.' It's the Post— I only said exactly what you reported. My comments were 100 percent factual. The pure facts reveal that 94 percent of those killed by police are men, so by your 'proportional' standards, the real movement in America should be 'Male Lives Matter.'"

Yes, he actually said there should be a "Male Lives Matter" movement, much to the chagrin of humans everywhere. 


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