US Politics Is Getting Worse: Former KKK Leader Announces Senate Run

David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, announced his plan to officially run for United States Senate in Louisiana.

There is nothing more frightening than the thought of a member of a racist, white supremacy group running for political office, and now it’s happening.

David Duke, the former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan, announced this week that he intends on running for United States Senate in Louisiana, USA TODAY reported.

The former KKK Grand Wizard said, hypocritically, in a video, “I believe in equal rights for all and respect for all Americans. However, what makes me different is I also demand respect for the rights and heritage of European Americans.”

Duke is deceiving the public in saying he wants all Americans to be equal because the organization he used to be associated with is historically known as an extremist, hate group that isolates minorities through violence and even murder

His vision is to stop hate and violence throughout the world yet if he runs for U.S. Senate and wins, he will actually intensify it.

“With the country coming apart at the seams and no one willing to really speak the truth about what is happening, the majority population in this country needs someone who will actually give voice to their interests in the face of an increasingly violent hatefest launched by the media and political establishment against them,” he wrote on his website.

Louisiana recently experienced unnecessary violence when a gunman killed three police officers and left three others wounded.

Earlier this month, Alton Sterling a 37-year-old African-American man, was killed by white Baton Rouge police officers after an intense altercation near a convenience store

With Duke in office, it will only intensify racial tensions between police officers and African-American men.

To put a cherry on top of his racist history, the former KKK leader has praised Donald Trump’s views and his run for presidency, according to The Guardian

"I'm overjoyed to see Donald Trump and most Americans embrace most of the issues that I've championed for years," he said. 

Duke also selfishly boasts that he was the first to adopt Trump's 'America First' policy and mentions that the country "must stop the massive immigration and ethnic cleansing of the people whose forefathers created America." 

The National Republican Senatorial Committee has refused to endorse Duke as a U.S. Senate candidate, according to Politico

Ward Baker, the NRSC executive director said in a statement, "Louisiana voters will be able to choose from several Republican Senate candidates who will have a great impact on the Bayou Street and the future of our country,"  he said. "David Duke is not one of them. He will not have the support of the NRSC under any circumstance." 

One extremely racist political candidate [Trump] is too much for most of us to handle as it is, but the possibility of a second one will drive most of us out of the country for good. 

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