WATCH: Former Liverpool Star Spits At 14-Year-Old United Fan

Former Liverpool star Jamie Carragher claimed he was “goaded” by a Manchester United fan.

A former Liverpool defender turned out to be a sore loser when he let a defeat of his former team got better of him.

Jamie Carragher, who has also played for England, issued an apology following his impetuous and obnoxious act of spitting at a 14-year-old girl from his car’s window.

The incident occurred when the 40-year-old Sky Sports pundit was driving back from covering the match between Manchester United and Liverpool.

The team he was rooting for didn’t win, which put him in such a grumpy mood that instead of engaging in a banter with the Manchester United fan who appeared to be prodding him, Carragher spat on the man’s teenage daughter.

The revolting video where Carragher can be seen spitting mouthful of frustrated contempt was shot by the girl’s father.

Sky Sports, group of sports television channels, where Carragher is currently working as a commentator, is not taking the situation lightly.

“It’s unacceptable behavior and we will be addressing it with Jamie,” stated a spokesperson for the channel. 

The channel will reportedly talk with the Liverpool legend about this embarrassing situation, which has also put them in a delicate position to either make an example out of Carragher or let him be, since he has already apologized on Twitter.



The United fan, who apparently “goaded” the former Liverpool player, was also taken aback by the latter’s reaction.

“He looked at me and waved, I waved back and then he put his window down,” he narrated. “I said, ‘Hey Jamie, good result, 2-1’ and he sort of looked at me and I said, ‘2-1, ha ha’ and his face just changed. I could just see him lurch towards his window and spit.”

Carragher has also called and apologized to the parents of the 14-year-old girl.

It is ironic that Carragher resorted to such vile behavior when he himself used to look down upon footballers who spat at one another.

Carragher was due to front the Monday Night Football program as Sky’s cameras traveled to Stoke vs. Manchester City, but now it largely depends on the network’s decision if the pundit will continue to make an annual salary of over $1 million or face dismissal from the channel.

Thumbnail/Banner Credits: Reuters, Phil Noble

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