Ex-Ohio Mayor Accused Of Raping 4-Year-Old Says She Was 'Willing'

Richard Keenan, a former Ohio mayor, raped a four-year-old girl and openly blamed her for being a participant in the heinous act.

A victim should in no way be blamed for being raped, especially when they are a toddler, but a former politician insists on condemning his four-year-old victim for his own perverted actions.

Richard Keenan, who used to be the mayor of Hubbard, Ohio, allegedly sexually assaulted a little girl and pleaded not guilty last month because he said the child was a “willing participant,” according to the Independent

He repeatedly molested the girl for three years straight, and the child told Keenan’s wife about the incident.

According to court documents, he admitted to the crime saying, “I did it.”

Keenan told a social worker that the four-year-old actively participated in the act and that she “initiated” the abuse.

In 2010, the former mayor told a reporter at the Youngstown Vindicator that he “dedicated his life to Jesus.”

Keenan was released from jail on $75,000 bail and his trial is set for April. He may face life imprisonment.

This alleged rapist deserves to spend life in prison, especially for blaming his toddler victim who legally cannot give consent.

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