Ex-Playboy Playmate And 7-Year-Old Son Take Fatal Jump Off Building

The model and first openly-lesbian Playboy playmate in the publication’s history jumped from the top floor of a New York hotel along with her 7-year-old son.

Former Playboy playmate Stephanie Adams, 47, brought her life to an end in a tragic incident that, unfortunately, also claimed the life of her 7-year-old son.

Adams, who had been going through a difficult and bitter custody battle with estranged husband, Charles Nicolai, jumped from the top floor of the Gotham Hotel in Midtown New York around 8:15 a.m. Friday. She took her son, Vincent, with her.

No suicide note was found.

Nicolai and Adams appeared in court Wednesday where Adams asked the judge to let her travel with Vincent to Spain where her current partner lives. But after Nicolai protested, the judge sided with the father.

"All I want to do is take my son and get away from this nightmare for a few days," Adams told reporters on Thursday. "But they won't let me.”

According to sources, the battle over their son had become so bitter that they feared violence would take place, so they would meet at the First Precinct in Tribeca to hand over their son during meet-ups.

After the judge refused to grant Adams permission to travel with the 7-year-old, Nicolai’s lawyer told her to hand over the child’s passport.

Adams rose to fame as a model in 1992 when she appeared as a Playboy centerfold. She was involved in a high-profile lawsuit against the New York Police Department after a 2006 police encounter.

She eventually won $1.2 million for being manhandled by an officer.

This horrific story saddens anybody who looked up to Adams. After all, she wasn’t just a Playboy playmate. She had come out in 2003 as the magazine’s first lesbian centerfold before marrying a man prior to Nicolai. She had also had a successful career as the author of 25 New Age self-help books and was a business owner, heading an online organic beauty products company.

While her relationship with Nicolai seemed rocky for a long time, according to a lawsuit from a former female employee of Nicolai’s who claims she was fired because Adams didn’t like her, it’s clear that there were many other unresolved issues. However, it is deeply saddening that an innocent child’s life was also taken as a result of this estranged couple's disputes. 

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