These Cops Allegedly Got Four Women Drunk, Then Duped Them Into Sex

Two former San Antonio officers are now on trial after four women came forward, accusing them of sexual assault and forced prostitution.

Two former San Antonio, Texas, police officers are on trial for allegedly duping women into going "undercover" before sexually assaulting them.

Alejandro Chapa, 29, and Emmanuel Galindo, 31, are on trial after being arrested on Sept. 24, 2015, on sexual assault charges. 

The investigation kicked off when one woman reported to Live Oak police that she had been sexually assaulted by a San Antonio police officer.

When authorities dug deeper into the case, three other women came forward, alleging the officers told them they were going to be part of an “undercover operation” to catch terrorists, drug lords and criminals. The women were further told that they must pose as wives or girlfriends of the officers.

“Ultimately, you’ve got to be willing to prove that you would be willing to have sex with our agents in case we would need to have that in some type of undercover situation,” the women were told according to prosecutor Ryan Wright.

One woman, Serena Hernandez, claimed she declined participating in the “program" after she was told to sign a contract assuring the officers she would be comfortable doing illegal drugs, drinking with them and doing sexual favors for them.

However, unfortunately, other women fell victim to the scam, where one of them agreed to get drunk and have sex with the officers since she was promised help with getting custody of her little sister.

Another woman agreed to take part in the activities, claiming the officers promised her money and assistance with dismissing her driving under influence charges. One of them claimed Galindo showed her a gun to one woman saying he would imprison her if she didn’t perform the sexual acts and “make me believe that you love me." 

Another woman who spoke up alleged the same officer tested her on how far she was “willing to go,” and gave her scores based on the deeds she agreed to perform. Her choices included kissing, exotic dancing, holding hands and sexual intercourse, of which the last would gain her the highest score and most money.

She was also forced to down a tequila shot every 20 minutes and role play with the officers, addressing them by names such as “Mike” and “John.”

It is important to mention here that the women never received the money they had been promised for the “program” and sexual favors.

Addressing the jury, defense attorney Leigh Cutter claimed that she does not believe her clients did anything “illegal.” She stated tricking people into having sex with them was “probably immoral” but not illegal.

The officers, who are currently being tried in Judge Steve Hilbig’s 187th District, face up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

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