Former ‘Silicon Valley’ Actor Allegedly Choked, Punched Ex-Girlfriend

“Silicon Valley” actor and comedian T.J. Miller has been outed for sexual misconduct and physical abuse by an anonymous former college lover.

Yet another male celebrity has been exposed for sexual misconduct.

T.J. Miller of the television series “Silicon Valley” has been accused by a woman he knew in college of sexual assault.

According to Rolling Stone, the anonymous victim alleged that the incident occurred back in 2001 during the pair’s short relationship while attending George Washington University.

"He just tried a lot of things without asking me, and at no point asked me if I was all right," the woman reportedly said.

One of those things included choking her.

“I kept staring at his face hoping he would see that I was afraid and [that he] would stop… I couldn’t say anything,” she recounted.

The alleged victim said that she is choosing to speak out about these incidents now as the charge to expose sexual predators is strong. However, Miller suggested she’s fabricating stories to take advantage of the current climate and sabotage his life and marriage.

"[The accuser] began again to circulate rumors online once [my and Kate's] relationship became public," Miller and his wife, Kate, said in a statement. "Sadly she is now using the current climate to bandwagon and launch these false accusations again. It is unfortunate that she is choosing this route as it undermines the important movement to make women feel safe coming forward about legitimate claims against real known predators."

In addition to being choked, the accuser claimed that during sex, Miller punched her in the face, which led to a fractured tooth and bloodied lip.

“I couldn't bring myself [at the time] to believe this had happened," she told The Daily Beast. "It was me not wanting it to be true."

Apparently, the woman tried coming forward about a year after the encounters with Miller and reported the incidents to George Washington University’s campus police. However, they directed her to a student court proceeding. The university ultimately told her that they had “resolved” the problem, but it failed to disclose the actions it took.

While Miller is no longer a part of the “Silicon Valley” cast, he is reportedly set to appear in films with Kristen Stewart and Ryan Reynolds, catapulting his film career. Alas, these accusations are likely to halt that process. 

Although it is plausible that this woman could be exploiting a movement, Miller, as the alleged perpetrator, has no right to invalidate her feelings and experiences by dismissing them as lies. His statement casts a shadow over all sexual assault survivors who live in fear of being embroiled in a "his word or mine" situation if they report their assaults. 

This woman has, evidently, held on to her pain for more than a decade, and thanks to the #MeToo campaign, she finally feels comfortable and confident enough to go public and try her hand at justice once again, after being failed by the university years ago.  

Banner/Thumbnail Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons, Gage Skidmore

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